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Last Update : June 2, 2005

The Center for Political Ecology sponsors research and facilitates public access to political ecology by supporting the work of fellows, associates, and CPE members who document and explore the inter-relationships between economic activity, politics, culture, human rights, and the environment. Research sponsored by the Center reflects our commitment to developing theory and praxis to sustain scholarly advocacy: we document histories, processes, and conditions in ways that contribute to broader understanding of human environmental problems and problem-solving.

Publications produced by the Center are typically the product of community-based research that is conducted in collaborative and participatory ways. CPE produces pamphlets, journals, newsletters, discussion papers, policy briefings, books, and videos; and, we organize and facilitate public meetings, workshops, conferences, and political ecology panels at national and international conferences.

The Center for Political Ecology established the journal Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, an international red-green journal of theory and politics. Key themes include the dialectics of human and natural history; labor and land; workplace struggles and community struggles; economics and ecology; and the politics of ecology and ecology of politics. The journal is published in cooperation with Taylor and Francis Group.

The Center for Political Ecology is a public supported non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization incorporated in August, 1990. Research and publications are supported by foundation grants and the generosity of our Members and Sustainers.



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